DECEMBER 30, 2015

ROCK ISLAND, IL – Monoxivent has named Varitec Solutions as representative in Arizona. The firm will represent Monoxivent’s source capture product lines and Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic product line Corrosion Composites.

About Varitec Solutions:

Varitec is a leader in the engineering, developing and installing large-scale, energy-efficient HVAC systems for commercial buildings. Whether we’re starting from scratch, upgrading an existing system, or setting up ongoing service and maintenance, Varitec is a single source for mechanical contractors, engineers, building owners, and general contractors. The “Wet Side” of our business emphasizes quality systems that make and distribute conditioned air inside occupied spaces. Through products manufactured by world’s leading HVAC companies, we’re able to support any air conditioning application in hospitals, schools, stadiums, resorts, office buildings, and other commercial facilities. On the “Dry Side,” Varitec’s experienced staff provides the fans and air distribution equipment needed to keep air moving through the HVAC system. We engineer, install, and maintain your system to the standards of excellence you demand. Representing a variety of manufacturers not only helps Varitec keep your projects under budget, it also allows us to create custom systems that are an exact match for your needs.

To contact Varitec Solutions:

2851 West Kathleen Road
Phoenix, AZ 85053
Phone: 602-980-0266
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