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Welding Arms


Starting under $1,999.00

Welding Arms allow for longer reach and extended range of motion. The arms are ideal for maintenance shops, trade schools, industrial environments, small booth areas and more. The arm length ranges from 7’ to 14’ with diameters from 4” up to 8”. Arms are internally supported, telescopic, and tube-type. Direct mount blowers available, along with other fan options.

Swivel Boom Arms


Starting under $1,999.00

Swivel and articulating boom arms allow for longer reach, offering an extended range of motion.

Our BA/SB Swivel Boom Arms are available in 7′, 10′ and 13′ lengths. The (PAC) Pivoting Articulating Crane Arm is offered in 10′, 15′ and 20′ lengths. A variety of duct diameters are available.

Mini Arms

Starting under $399.00

Mini Arms may be used in a vast array of applications ranging from soldering to graphic arts. Mini Arms may be wall mounted, mounted directly to duct, mounted to tables.

Various nozzle and hood options are available, including: clear dome hoods, metal hoods, angle cut suction nozzles, and flat flange hoods.

Portable Systems

Starting under $4,999.00

Portable Welding Filtration Units are offered in both Cartridge and HEPA filter configurations. A variety of media options are available for both. Our fume arms may be added to these units for source capture applications.

Ideal for welding/maintenance shops, school shop environments, and other locations where a permanently installed system is not practical.

Monoxivent’s dust/fume source capture systems are among the most durable and effective air cleaning products on the market today! Monoxivent systems eliminate air borne particulate in a wide-variety of common and unique settings..

Articulating arms, swivel/pivoting boom arms, blowers, mini arms, fume  and exhaust hoods and a multitude of other related products are incorporated into this section.