Monoxivent’s Welding Source Capture product mix extends to slotted fume hoods, flex-hose, and a variety of source capture fume nozzles.

Standard Slotted Fume Hoods are offered in 34″-, 46″-, and 58″-wide sizing or special custom designs by request. Monoxivent also offers many other hood types including, but not limited to: canopy hoods, barrel filling hoods, kiln hoods, and back shelf hoods. Other options include: side skirts, adjustable slots, various finishes, material types, and more!

Please visit our Submittal Sheets page for additional data.

Please contact us directly for custom applications.

Photos: Slotted Fume Hood, Powder Coat Paint Grip Gray Finish, 48″ wide; Slotted Fume Hood – Oversized for wash room – 15′ x 8′; 8′ SFH featuring hinged side shields and a versatile welding table.