The NORFI-MONOXIRAIL System offers a versatile solution with an exhausting rail adaptable to a multitude of environments.

The MONOXIRAIL connects to all standard hose reels, simple drops, and welding arms. The MONOXIRAIL is offered in two models: Technorail or the ALU (150 or 250). The Technorail models easily handle smaller air volumes and lighter weight equipment and accessories, while the ALU models are geared for higher air volumes and larger equipment.

MONOXIRAIL Systems with Hose Reels, are a premier solution for vehicle exhaust fume extration. The rail combined with the hose reel creates a free and open work environment within numerous applications.

The Systems are available for use with Monoxivent’s 9000 Series Spring and Motor Hose Reels.

Hose Reel Overview:
Monoxivent hose reels are the premier solution for vehicle exhaust fume extration. Hose Reels offer a conveinent and efficient method for extracting harmful emissions from all types of service areas. A variety of tailpipe adapters attach to all types of vehicles. Reels are supplied completely assembled and ready for installation.

ALU Rail Product Overview:
Aluminium extraction rail with sealing lips and mounting profiles to carry moveable extraction trolleys. The extraction rail can be used with arms, hose reels and fully flexible hose systems. The ALU modular concept caters for a wide range of applications and workplace environments. Straight-forward assembly, robust design with low pressure losses. Specification includes all necessary seals, clips and brackets.

Auto Dealerships, Motorcycle Shops, Light Equipment Repair, Garage Settings, High Ceiling/Bay Applications, Any indoor location where internal combustion engines are run

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