XLlogoMonoxivent offers a wide variety of Oversized Hose Reels within the XL SERIES. These reels are offered with 24″- and 36″-diameter drums. The reels accommodate between 8″ and 18″ diameter hose.

The reels are designed for specialized applications, but not limited to: aircraft ventilation, fume source capture, large diesel source capture, marine applications, and a broad-range of industrial applications. As an option, reels are available with explosion-proof motors and controls. Finishes include powder coated and stainless steel.

Drum Diameter: 24″
Drum Width: 3′, 5′ or 7′
Hose Diameters: 8″, 10″, 12″
5′ Drum Hose Capacity: Up to 50’x12″
7′ Drum Hose Capacity: Up to 75’x12″

Drum Diameter: 36″
Drum Width: 5′ or 7′
Hose Diameters: 14″, 16″, 18″
5′ Drum Hose Capacity: Up to 40’x18″
7′ Drum Hose Capacity: Up to 65’x18″

Allows for easy storage of large diameters
and lengths of exhaust hose

Military Vehicles, Diesel Trucks, Heavy
Equipment, Aircraft Ventilation, Marine
Applications, Industrial Applications,
Bus Transit

(10′ drum width available – custom build)

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Please contact us directly for custom applications.

Photos: XL-24-5 Hose Reel, 24″ Diameter/5′ Wide Drum, 8″ Diameter 4000 Series Hose; Interior View of Motor; XL Hose Reel at John Deere facility