Deere and Company has had a long standing policy to improve energy efficiency and air quality in their facilities. Each of the facilities has unique challenges based on the processes and product manufactured.

John Deere Harvester Works (East Moline, IL) manufactures combines. The physical size of the combine presents many unique problems for source capture of the fumes created.

The majority of the manufacturing cells, on the line, have developed specialized ventilation solutions. After many successful solutions, a remaining contamination source proved difficult to control. As a combine came off the line, the combine was started and run in place, discharging diesel fumes into the work space.

General space ventilation, a huge consumer of treated ventilation air, had been used to ventilate the area.

Monoxivent partnered with the installing contractor to provide a source capture solution. Because of the combine’s stack diameter and the large engine displacement, XL Hose Reels, 3′ Drum Width, 24′ x 10″ were selected for use.  The reels provide source capture for the combines during start-up, just before rolling off the assembly line. The reels are remote controlled and are fitted with a combination of 16’/850-degree hose and 8’/1200-degree hose.

The XL Series was developed by Monoxivent specifically to address the need for specialized applications requiring larger hose diameters, quantities of hose, and to handle larger CFM capacities. The XL Reels are available in 24″ and 36″ drum diameters and 3’, 5’, and 7’ widths. The XL is found in the following markets: institutional, military, industrial, marine and mining applications.

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