Monoxivent’s Hose Reels are the premier solution for vehicle exhaust fume extraction. Hose Reels offer a convenient and efficient method for extracting harmful emissions from all types of service areas. Hose Reels are either Motor Operated or Manual Spring Retractable. The Reels are offered in standard 4-, 5-, 6-, and 8-inch hose diameters. Oversized Hose Reels within the XL SERIES are offered with 24″- and 36″-diameter drums. The reels accommodate between 8″ and 18″ diameter hose. The Reels are supplied completely assembled and ready for installation.

Auto Dealerships, Motorcycle Shops, Light Equipment Repair, Military Vehicles, Diesel Trucks, Heavy Equipment, Aircraft Ventilation, Marine Applications, Bus Transit, Generators, Garage Settings, High Ceiling/Bay Applications, Any indoor location where internal combustion engines are running.