February 25, 2014

ROCK ISLAND, IL – Monoxivent has named Benz Air Engineering as a contracted sales representative. The firm, based in Beaverton, OR, goes to market throughout Oregon, Washington, and into parts of Idaho. Kevin Marple serves as president. Benz will serve the Industrial Source Capture and FRP (UnderDuct and Corrosion Composites) markets.

Benz Air Engineering was founded in 1956 as Benz Company with the purchase of the manufacturers’ representative business operated by Arthur E. Nelson. Founder Donald L. Benz, P.E., was employed by the Portland office of Trane Company from 1948 until 1956. Benz Air Engineering Company incorporated in 1972. Our president, Kevin Marple, joined the firm in 1987 after extensive experience as project manager with the Natkin Company. Thomas Benz, our vice-president, joined the firm in 1977 and expanded architectural products coverage.

Currently, our activities are directed approximately 60% toward building and construction and 40% toward industry. We specialize in equipment that moves, cleans, heats, cools, dries, and humidifies air, with wide experience in industrial air cleaning. We have file references to thousands of equipment applications dating from 1956 to the present, which continue to serve our customers. We provide professional design and installation to industry customers for exhaust, HVAC, and air cleaning systems, when proper equipment application requires this service.

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