Monoxivent’s latest product offering has developed from a partnership with NORFI.

NORFI is a manufacturer of extruded aluminum exhausting rail systems and related products.

The NORFI product will be divided into: MONOXIRAIL Systems and NORFI Tailpipe Adapters. The MONOXIRAIL Systems include connections for hose reels, simple drops, and welding capture arms. Each System is offered with either the Technorail or ALU configuration.

“The NORFI rail is a versatile product,” Bud Converse, Monoxivent Sales Manager, said. “Not only is it an excellent choice for automotive applications, but also for welding, large trucks, motorcycles, locomotive, and more.”

“The addition of the NORFI line fills a niche in our offering and allows Monoxivent to incorporate our existing product in rail applications,” Monoxivent President Bob Frink said. “Bud will allow us to make a seamless transition into this line and will bring a vast array of experience to help our sales force ramp up.”