Monoxivent’s Hose Reels are the premier solution for vehicle exhaust fume extraction. Hose Reels offer a convenient and efficient method for ex-tracting harmful emissions from all types of serv-ice areas. Hose Reels are either Motor Operated or Manual Spring Retractable. The Reels are offered in standard 4-, 5-, 6-, and 8-inch hose diameters. Oversized Hose Reels within the XL SERIES are offered with 24″- and 36″-diameter drums. The reels accommodate between 8″ and 18″ diameter hose. The Reels are supplied com- pletely assembled and ready for installation.

Auto Dealerships, Motorcycle Shops, Light Equipment Repair, Military Vehicles, Diesel Trucks, HeavyEquipment, Aircraft Ventilation, Marine Applications, Bus Transit, Generators, Garage Settings, High Ceiling/Bay Applications, Any indoor location where internal combustion engines are running.